The LEGEND project includes four partners from Slovakia (Centire and Kosice IT Valley), Germany (Wissenskapital) and Austria (FH Joaneum Graz) and is carried out during the period of 24 months. The project is coordinated by Centire, Slovakia. The project work plan consists of six workpackages and 15 activities.
Leader is assigned responsible for coordination of work and responsibilities withing the given WP; however, involvement of all partners is anticipated in each WP according to the predefined roles and extent of work.

Work package 1:


Leader: Wissenskapital, Germany


  • Elaborate the details on the identified innovations
  • Develop a MIC methodology innovative for the Slovak context

In Work package 1, our efforts will aim at adjusting the theoretical framework of intellectual capital management to the local context with a particular focus on the elements of IC most relevant to SMEs. In addition, local context will be assessed in terms of its permeability for the IC concept and necessity of ignorance management (described by Israilidis, J., Lock, R. and Cooke, L. as: “Ignorance Management is a process of discovering, exploring, realising, recognising and managing ignorance outside and inside the organisation through an appropriate management process to meet current and future demands, design better policy and modify actions in order to achieve organisational objectives and sustain competitive advantage.”). Although the IC management models exist in different countries, each local context is specific and requires a special approach which takes into consideration local particularities in mindset and work practices. Therefore, the goal of this WP will be to combine the best elements of the existing IC models while considering the existing local resources as well as limitations.

Work package 2:


Leader: FH Joaneum Graz, Austria

  • Develop training curriculum
  • Develop training materials
  • Develop e-learning module

The aim of work package 2 is to transform the elaborated and localized methodology of intellectual capital management into full-fledged training materials on intellectual capital that can be used for training of trainers, SME managers and representatives of academic and other R&D institutions in Slovakia in the blended learning format using both the present and electronic forms of education. The definition of IC will be based on the model supported by the European Commission ( as well as the approach of the German Ministry of Economy and Technology ( In our case, longterm experience with special focus on the policy base, framework conditions and operative as well as strategic challenges of academic institutions will be brought into the project as well. By combining these special experiences and the strategic intelligence of the AKWB-model innovative approaches for ICR at Slovak Academic institutions can be expected. Moreover, the developed training program and material will be checked for its consistency, teachability, understandability and media quality in order to be released for being applied in courses and trainings for enterprises and their partners.

Work package 3:


Leader: Centire, Slovakia


  • Carry out a national training of trainers
  • Carry out training activities in partner institutions
  • Evaluate and adjust the methodology

The main aim of the WP3 will be to implement and test in practice the training methodology produced in WP2 in order to develop a final version of the given methodology as one of the final outcomes of the LEGEND project. The main focus will lie in considering the practical aspects of methodology implementation in SMEs and their partners; obtaining recommendations from local trainers on efficient methods and tools to be used at the training of final beneficiaries in Slovakia; receiving feedback from the participating institutions on the key issues that SMEs and their partners are faced with in the eastern part of Slovakia in terms of IC; feasibility of individual steps in practical implementation of IC within their organizations; and screening of potential interest for further involvement in the process of implementation of IC measures in their organizations.

Work package 4:


Leader: Kosice IT Valley, Slovakia

  • Work with key stakeholders on implementing the MIC methodology into the formal system of education
  • Submit materials for certification of the MIC training program

The WP4 will focus on developing preconditions for successful implementation of the developed methodology into the system of formal education at the tertiary level and into the system of non-formal education in order to increase long-term sustainability of the project goals and outcomes even after the completion of the LEGEND project. Concluding from the pilot events and by introducing of experience made elsewhere on introducing IC / Innovation / Future Potential Reports, the contribution here will be to “abstract” the methodology developed so far towards a generic, well documented and widely applicable method set. The related documents will be end-tested and quality checked and will be released for dissemination.

Work package 5:


Leader: Kosice IT Valley, Slovakia
WP5 should focus on promoting and disseminating the project outcomes to a wide audience in Slovakia and at an international level in order to increase wide awareness about the IC concept in Slovakia and in order to provide information at the European level on the innovative actions in the area of IC implementation in SMEs and their partners within the context of a specific Central European region. Moreover, the actions in the WP5 should contribute to increased implementation of IC methodologies by SMEs, R&D and academic institutions as well as the public sector institutions responsible for economic development, innovation diffusion and/or SME support provision.


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