Action Category: LEONARDO DA VINCI Development of Innovation





Objectives and description of the action Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Projects

‘Development of Innovation’ are transnational co-operation projects that aim to improve the quality of training systems through the development of innovative contents, methods and procedures within Vocational Education and Training (VET). Innovation is a matter of doing new things or finding new ways of doing familiar things. For development of Innovation Projects it means that something innovative is developed (contents, methods, procedures etc.) as the end result of the project.

The teamwork of a variety of European partners will bundle different approaches, lead to cross-fertilisation and creativity, and will facilitate the development of new solutions and know-how. Development of Innovation projects typically plan a lot of time for development but will also foresee enough time for testing. They will have to consider intellectual property rights (IPR) during the project so that there is an agreement amongst partners before the project has finished. An innovation development can come from any organisation that is innovative.Therefore Development of Innovation projects will rather involve specialist developers. Thus, these projects can be the vehicle for improving quality and for promoting innovation in vocational training. Both aims should be integrated in the proposal in such a way that tools, methods or concepts, and also concrete materials which are developed during the project can be used in, or adapted for, changing environments.

The principles for the implementation of Leonardo da Vinci Development of Innovation projects are given below:

  • EU support is intended for the production of tangible materials, products, methods and approaches in the field of vocational training and guidance, and not for training activities as such
  • Proposals must put the innovative dimension of the project in context and in relation to the needs of the target groups or the problem to be solved
  • The development of innovation may apply equally to institutional contexts and to formal, informal or non-formal practices, as well to initiatives promoted at the local, regional or sectoral level
  • Maximum benefit must be drawn at European level from the results by making use of the expertise and experience of the various European bodies and/or other qualified organisations active in this field
  • In order to make best use of the results and obtain feedback enabling the product, material, approach or method to be adapted and transferred, valorisation (= dissemination and exploitation of results) must be an integral part of the project’s work programme In disseminating and exploiting the results of projects, the European dimension must be enhanced by making vocational training and guidance materials, product

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