A training curriculum for training of SMEs will be developed. A variation of the curriculum for training of SME partners will be created, taking into consideration the specifics of academic and R&D institutions in their approach to IC management. Subsequently, both documents will determine the content of the curriculum for training of trainers and training methodology used in this training.

Initially, English version of materials for all types of trainings will be produced, outlining the aims, methods, theoretical approaches and practical examples of IC models and uses. Subsequently, the Slovak version of the materials will be created containing also the localization aspects and foci.

First, the training materials will be modified for being used in the e-learning format. Later, the technical aspects of the e-learning system will be figured out and full e-learning will be launched.

The e-learning training curriculum will be established on the principles of building competency profiles according to the structure of the persons and entities. The curriculum will consist of courses and modules interconnected in a complex knowledge map. According to the principles of Mastery Learning, each course and training module will have formulated a clear objectives. Informing the learner about the objectives of the course, i.e., of knowledge that studies into the module, but especially on the structure of modules in terms of comprehensive knowledge map has (among other things) a very important meaning – it navigates learners through the learning content and also motivates them in the learning process.

E-learning portal is now available online.


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